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Foshan SNAT Energy (SNADI Solar) Electrical Technology Co, LTD. focus on solar power system manufacturing over 13 yearswith hundreds employees. Specialized in producing off-grid solar inverters, Solar charge controller, Solar energy system,PV combiner box. Supplying a lot of OEM to clients over the world. Winning good reputation among customers.At the same time, SANDI not only providing the standard solar energy system, but also the customized solar energy system.

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Products We Manufacture

Here, we offer choices to cover all kinds of needs in sound experience at affordable prices to grow your business and empower your brand.

Suitable For Different Occasions

Spring into energy independence with solar

  • Household_Energy_Storage_System__1_

    Household Energy Storage System

    Stacked and Wall-mounted Household Energy Storage

  • Industrial_&_Commercial_ESS__1_

    Industrial & Commercial ESS

    One-stop solution for customized energy storage system integration

  • RV_Caravan_Travel__1_

    RV Caravan Travel

    Outdoor solar generator for camping

  • Customized_Services__1_


    Custom Engineering For Any Application

  • oemFor OEM
  • odmFor ODM
  • DistributorsFor Distributors
  • WholesalersFor Wholesalers

We Support Different Business Modes

For a brand owner that has its own design, we provide professional OEM service at competitive prices.With superior craftsmanship and manufacturing capacity of earphone products, we can meet different quality standards as required by different brands.

If you have no product drawing, but want to build your own brand, you can benefit from our free design service. Integrating stylish design and the latest technology into one product is what our design team has been good at. We firmly believe that strong branding comes from full customization.

As one of the most well-equipped solar energy system manufacturing companies, we offer the highest quality products at a fraction of the cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you can also offer great prices to your customers.

If you are a wholesaler that wants to impress target customers by offering more choices.You can buy different types from our various in-stock designs, in small bulk,which allows you to overcome the MOQ to benefit our wholesale prices.

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Other Solar Energy System Suppliers

SNADI ​is a solution-oriented supplier and manufacturer, and makes great efforts to benefit all clients in OEM services distribution and wholesale business.

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Brand Owner/Distributors/Wholesalers From a reliable manufacturer


Contact & Discussion

When businesses require a bulk number of off grid solar products, clients can send personalized details of the solar solution. Our team will get in touch with the clients shortly.


R&D and design

Unlock the full potential of your business with our cutting-edge R&D and design services. Our team of experienced professionals can help you develop new products, optimize existing ones, and stay ahead of the competition with innovative solutions.


Program write

Writing product programs can solve user needs more efficiently and provide better user product experience


Automatic Assembly Line

One of the main advantages of an automatic assembly line is its efficiency. By using automated machinery and equipment, the system can assemble products much faster and with greater accuracy than manual assembly methods. This results in higher production rates, lower costs, and improved quality control.


Intelligent Aging Test

The use of intelligent aging machine has further improved the production quality management system of SNADI, and continuous progress has been made in R&D, design and production quality. "Excellent performance and good quality" ensures the best product quality in the industry


Packing and Shipping

We deliver our off grid solar products quickly to more than 35 countries across the world due to our exceptional supply chain and fast logistics.


After-sales Service

After the purchase of a product, after-sales service is a crucial part of the process. We are committed to providing you with excellent after-sales service to ensure that you are satisfied with our products and services


SNADI maintains a carefully curated blog page that helps clients make the best decisions for their businesses with the latest information from reliable sources.

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