Solar Charge Controller

SNADI CM MPPT High Voltage Solar Charge Controller

SNADI's MPPT High Voltage Charge Controller optimizes solar panel charging efficiency, making it a reliable choice for commercial and industrial solar systems


●Innovative maximum power point tracking technology, the conversion rate of up to 97%
●Quick scan of the entire I-V curve, Efficient track the maximum power point
●RS485 communication interface
Customized production that meets your needs




SNADI's MPPT High Voltage Charge Controller optimizes solar panel charging efficiency, making it a reliable choice for commercial and industrial solar systems



◆Intelligent maximum power tracking technology
◆High precision and high effciency with DSP chip control
◆The PV wide range voltage input, three stage charging technology
◆The photovoltaic/battery connection reverse protection short-circuit protection /over current protection
◆Display technology parameter with 7 inch touch screen
◆Rs485 remote communication and data transmission (optional)


CM-MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Product Specifications
Model:CM- 30A 40A 50A 60A 80A 100A
Charging Mode MPPT Automatic Maximum Power Point Tracking
Charging Method Three stages: Constant Current (MPPT), Balanced Charging, Floating Charge
System Type 12V/24V/48V Automatic Identification/Manual Setting
System Identification Voltage Range 12V System DC9V-DC15V
24V System DC18V-DC30V
48V System DC36V-DC60V
Soft Start Time 12V/24V/48V ≦10s
Dynamic Response Recovery Time 12V/24V/48V ≦500us
Static Power 12V/24V/48V ≦2W
Machine Efficiency 12V/24V/48V ≥96.5%
PV Module Utilization 12V/24V/48V ≦99%
Input Characteristics
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 12V System DC18V-DC150V
24V System DC34V-DC150V
48V System DC65V-DC150V
Maximum Solar Panel Input Power 12V/24V/48V 420W 570W 700W 900W 1100W 1400W
12V/24V/48V 840W 1130W 1400W 1700W 2200W 2800W
12V/24V/48V 1650W 2270W 2800W 3400W 4400W 5600W
Output Characteristics
Optional Battery Type (Default is lead-acid maintenance- free battery) 12V/24V/48V Lead-acid maintenance-free Battery, Gel Battery, Lithium Battery
(Can also be customized for other types of battery)
Current Limiting Protection 12V/24V/48V 32A 42A 52A 62A 82A 102A
Temperature Coefficient 12V/24V/48V ± 0.02%/°C
Temperature Compensation 12V/24V/48V 14.2V-(Maximum Temperature -25°C)*0.3
Output Regulation Accuracy 12V/24V/48V ≤±15%
Protection Input Low Voltage Protection Reference Input Characteristics
Input High Voltage Proteciton Reference Input Characteristics
Short  Circuit Protection After 5 trial starts will enter the protection state, Restart Recovery
Temperature Protection 90°C
Temperature Rise Protection Reduce Power Output When Exceed 85°C
Other Parameters Noise ≤50dB
Heat Dissipation Method Forced air cooling, fan speed is adjusted by temperature
Mechanical Protection Type IP21
Humidity 0-90%RH (No condensation)
PV Module Configuration System Battery Voltage PV module load voltage (Recommended Value)
12V System 18V-60V (30V module*1 string, 36V module*1 string)
24V System 36V-72V (30V module*2 string, 36V module*2 string)
48V System 72V-144V (30V module*3 string, 36V module*3 string)

solar panel charge controller


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